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How to Attach a Banner to a Table with Velcro®

Posted by Patrick Murphy on Wed, Jul 28, 2010 @ 04:50 PM

You can use Velcro® to attach your banner to most pieces of fabric.  It’s most often used on carpet- or fabric-covered trade show displays (look for ones that say “Velcro®-receptive”).  Velcro®-backed banners can be easily applied and taken down, and can be placed anywhere on the trade show display.  You can even attach it to the front of your trade show table, which not only looks professional but looks exceptionally snazzy if Your Signtern does say so himself.

Velcro® comes in two pieces: the hook and the loop.  The hook is the stiff plastic material and the loop is the soft fuzzy material.  The hook is what will attach your banner to any fabric surface.  Just glue the flat back of the hook to the back of your sign and place it neatly onto your trade show fabric.  When you're done, peel it off and attach loops to any hooks to prevent lint from accumulating during transfer.

--Your Signtern

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